Multiple Teams · GACA Weight Lifting Competition

30 WW Athletes will head to Jefferson County High School this Saturday February 29th.  Top 3 strongest in each weight class.

AREA 3 Weight Lifting Competition Procedures

• There are some things we need to do in order to optimize time on February 2. There may be as many as 40 kids in a weight class so we must work together to save time and get you and your team home at a decent time.

1. Be prepared to have your kids weighed the minute you get to Jefferson County High School. The state is mandating we weigh every lifters.

2. The kids will keep up with their individual lift sheets to start the competition. After their first lift the judge’s helpers will hold onto the sheets till the end of the competition. MAKE SURE YOUR LIFTERS ARE IN THEIR RIGHT WEIGHT CLASS.

3. The gym will be organized in a way so we don’t have 40 kids standing around in an area. There will be 10 weight classes and this could be hectic. Make sure your kids keep up with the amount of weight that is being lifted. We will not be going down in weight. Once we move up 5 pounds then we will not move back down.

4. We will probably not take a break. Once a weight class finishes a lift then we will start the next lift immediately. There will be plenty of time during lifting to go the hospitality room and kids can go to the concession stand. Coaches KEEP YOUR LIFTERS AWARE OF WHAT”S GOING ON IN THEIR WEIGHT CLASS.

5. Remember coaches the top 2 lifters IN EACH WEIGHT CLASS and IN EACH CLASSIFICATION will move on to the State Competition held at Jefferson County High School on March 14th . During the State Competition each lifter will get a 5 pound buffer at the state. So if you weighed 140 at the Area Competition then you can weigh 145 at the State Competition without moving up a class.

6. Coaches, I have enclosed a line-up sheet for your team. We will need this sheet E-Mailed or Faxed to us by no later than February 26 so we can have this in our computer for lifting day. We will have a scratch/addition meeting during lifting to make any adjustments.

7. Our computer people will be entering a lifters weight and best lift for Bench and Power Clean. We will also present medals for the top 6 overall lifters in each weight class, top 3 team trophies, and medals for pound for pound best lifter and the most weight lifted.